The Perfect Coffee Cup By DeViehl

One thing can be certain about coffee and that it that it's loved across the world, from the depths of Andean rainforest villages to the office desks of London's Canary Wharf (UK). Whether your undying love for the beverage stems from your daily routine visit to Starbucks, Costa Coffee, or your local artisan independent, or is more the admiration that you have of your own home-brew special, coffee (and tea) is many people's favourite drink and more often than not served in bland cups that equally detract coffee's taste.

A brand delivering very high quality standards, DEVIEHL was created after 18 months of styling, technical-engineering and research to create the 'perfect and most luxurious of coffee cups' and provide an answer to such a real-life scenario. An almost polar opposite to the disposable cups that you receive from a take-out coffee chain, every DEVIEHL cup is composed of 25 separate parts, and together have many benefits and advantages over a regular cup. Well-known are the issues of people's coffee going cold, there not being a luxurious cream top surface, or perhaps the beverage not tasting quite as planned by way of the cup's material absorbing the taste; as such, each DEVIEHL cup has advanced insulation that ensures that your coffee is kept at its optimal drinking temperature for longer, a shape that optimises maximum "Crema" formation and is of only the highest quality materials.

Perhaps the first thing that you will notice about any DEVIEHL cup design is its shape; SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love the way that the shape feels just right, lightweight but solid-built, small but wholesome. A result of research into complex fluid dynamics, the cups are much more than just an aesthetically pleasing beverage container, being also a technological masterpiece. Available in many unconventional materials, from exotic timber such as cocobolo and zebrano, super-quality natural leather, marble and carbon-fibre, DEVIEHL also addresses your tactile senses as you enjoy your favourite beverage from within such luxurious textures, all to truly enhance your experience.

Hand crafted by experts in specialist-industry locations around the world, traditional process include 'leather gainerie' or 'hydrophobic nano-coating' that occurs in France, or ecological timber 'hand-turning' and 'lacquering' (five times) in Germany. Perhaps a bold statement to say that 'DEVIEHL is the most luxurious coffee cup in the world', but SATORI & SCOUT probably reckon its correct. Without flat bottoms, the conical form cups fit snugly and stably into a natural rubber retaining system that is supported by a material-matching base. Of highly distinctive design, the entire accompaniment of a cup, semi-circular profiled sculptural base and weighted spoon is really fantastic, perfect for any luxe home, restaurant, yacht or jet.

As hand-crafted coffee cups for connoisseurs, SATORI & SCOUT reckon that DEVIEHL matches comments made by Senior Curator in Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (USA), with Paola Antonelli saying "...good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need and beauty to produce something that the world didn't know it was missing."

Founded by Jonathan Strauss and Andreas Bo, the pair explains to SATORI & SCOUT that "...You can buy £25,000 domestic coffee machines, and coffee beans eaten and excreted by Indonesian civets cost $600 for 1 kilo....[yet] the cups we use remain predominantly white and nondescript". With the founder's backgrounds being in engineering, product innovation and luxury watches, DEVIEHL essentially came about after looking at the fundamental elements of cup design, whereby "...the shape of a traditional cup isn't conductive to maximising the froth that makes a great cup of coffee," Bo explained. With both crema and aroma defining characteristics of a great espresso, the underpinning research that has gone into optimising the cup to ensure a perfect amount of both has been that complex that a German formula one car designer studio has contributed. Perhaps a stark contrast between a coffee cup and a formula one car, this only highlights how the cup's design has been so well designed and conceived.

Available in a range of materials and colours, prices for the cups are by no means on the lower end of the scale, however you really do pay for premium quality. From £330 a cup, DEVIEHL cups are available at Harrods in Knightsbridge, William & Son on Mount Street (both London), and in various other stockists. In the safe knowledge that every product is handmade and with beauty differing between every single product by way of wood grain, marble vein and such like, every cup is really unique and made even more personal by way of having unique serial numbers engraved on to their bases. 21st sophistication of the highest order.

Do you fancy adding some meticulous craftsmanship to your dinner table, office desk, lounge or elsewhere? As promoters of the aspirational lifestyle, SATORI & SCOUT encourage you to discover the full aroma of your espresso coffee and enjoy your new coffee sensation... Discover more about the Deviehl collection at

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