Lift Off Into Space With A Rocket Coffee Table

A wonderfully creative Rocket coffee table by an awesomely creative designer, Mousarris always loved a childhood of playing with action figures and spending the weekend watching cartoons on the TV. A weirdly minimalist but sci-fi alternative to the usual coffee table, such a piece of furniture is no ordinary offering and its impact upon the interior design is really quite unparalleled in terms of stimulating general curiosity.

Fun, astronomical, quirky, nostalgic and collectible, all are adjectives we could use to describe this lovely space-fuelled design. Featuring cartoon-character clouds, launching space rockets and a wonderfully minimalist glass pane, this striking piece of furniture would be ideal in any living room of high-style, any bedroom of quirky taste or public space of bold statement. SATORI & SCOUT are not too foreign to bold designs with recent articles including a Boeing 737 cowling seat or 80s Scooter chairs, and this Rocket Table is on par with their statement-like offering.

Despite being designed as if there is no care in the world, the table is of super-high quality and you can definitely tell the honest care that has contributed to its realisation. Via a combination of various manufacturing techniques that include work from behind the lathe to 3d printing, resin casting and traditional hand curving, this table is very much fashioned to give any observer of its presence a smile every time. As Mousarris explains, the concept behind the table was to "...tap into the playful minds of nostalgic adults and children alike," and it's rockets and clouds make this structure everything but a boring accessory.

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