The Peacefulness Of A Nebl Houseplant

On a cold winter's day, when all was cold and mysteriously frosty... or, simply foggy inside your houseplant's little home. Introducing the Nebl houseplant, such a minimalist and pure design represents all senses of peacefulness and calm and really does capture all those imaginations you may have of when everything is wrapped in rich, grey quietness on a particularly fresh and foggy day.

An intuitive and innovative planter that is super simple, the object has been named after the German word for fog: Nebel. A meteorological phenomenon that has become the main source of inspiration for it's designer Michael Rem, the Nebl houseplant consists of two parts. Firstly, a ceramic base in which the plant is placed, and additionally, a frosted glass that is placed on the base. Featuring two openings with different sizes in the glass, it is possible to place the glass either high or low on the base pedestal.

With an uprising surge in houseplant 'parenthood' and having featured various hydroponic concepts and ideas over time, such a rise in popularity is counterbalancing the quickly spreading 'viral' plethora of technology within this increasing interconnected world. With the frosted glass having more functions than being simply frosty for effect, the retention of moisture and warmth will contribute towards plant-growth all year-round. As Michael Rem explains, "...with Nebl I've tried to capture the impression of a walk on a cold and foggy day in Berlin...", and SATORI & SCOUT would have to agree that is has been wonderfully achieved. Whether your home is contemporary or old, modern or classic, SATORI & SCOUT reckon one of these planters would complement any setting with mystery and oxygen.

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Photography credit : Studio Rem

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