Small Apartment RZ Sees Upcycled Renovation

SATORI & SCOUT have always well-documented apartments of various sizes and it is often by their varying size do we wonder their capacity for renovation and creativity. Showcasing various examples of apartments which are very small and compact in utilising every inch of every space (and often including double-functioning furniture), this Apartmento RZ is no different, and comes with the added benefit of featuring various upcycled furniture items and design decisions.

Boasting a great utilisation of space, Apartment RZ can be found in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and offers a balcony that tightly integrates with the internal area, a core premise for the development of this project concept. The materials and furniture selection have played an important role to make the connection between the rooms, whereby concrete, reclaimed timber, and metal are the protagonists throughout the home. Giving a new usage for some of the materials was also a core part of the concept, whereby new meaning is given to various objects; the home's upcycling concept promises interest for the curious and the environmentally-minded. To give but two examples, behind the bed head can be found several waterproof truck covers, whilst the living area's chandelier is manufactured from re-used gas pipes (though we must admit that the final shape is not particularly to our taste).

Also featuring this awesome long bench that is half seating, half working table, as well as some metallic full high shelving storage that doubles as a doule-functioning semi-transparent connection-barrier between the sleeping and dining areas. Featuring all sorts of other 'unfinished' (written in inverted commas as they were very much intended of course) objects and details, particular other favourites for SATORI & SCOUT include the living room's exposed wiring with an accompanying 'Think About Things Differently' light, or the airiness of the dining room's table as to not cause a barrier between the inside and outside.

What's your thoughts on the potential of upcycling objects in your home? The creativity lies within the master. Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography Credit : Ramulo Fialdini

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