All Steel Kitchen Of High Aesthetic

Following on from Richard Yasmine's pinpoint table design, France's Maison et Object in September was rife with many other unique designs and aspirational goodies. Italian company Abimis offer bespoke and made-to-measure kitchens and on showcase at the design week were their ideas of reworking domestic cooking ideas.

Focusing on ergonomics, Abimis' kitchens are tailor-made to an exact specification. With every single part of the kitchen design manufactured individually using AISI 304 steel, Abimis kitchens are long lasting, easy to clean, hygienic and 100% recyclable. In collaboration with Prisma, together they have introduced professional catering in the home, much to the delight of many high-aspirational people across the world.

Designed to last forever, the 'ego' kitchen features flush doors, rounded corners, smooth surfaces, continuous material sheets and minimalist details, all to create this wonderfully smooth appearance. With the steel being biologically neutral, no substances or odours are released into food, and where the furnishings are rounded in plan, they are equally in elevation. Made to measure for the ultimate of domestic chefs, does your dinner-time menus require a fully calibrated cooking experience?

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Photography credit : Abimis
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