Harmonious Home Of Terracotta And Brick

Exposed brickwork always has a certain appeal, and when perfectly accompanied alongside other material-types, can create the most perfect of home environments. Featuring bricks with the most authentic of vaulted ceilings and terracotta tiles, this recently-renovated home in Barcelona (Spain) offers a beautiful home which SATORI & SCOUT cannot love much more.

Designed by architecture studio CRU, this home has seen a total refurbishment from its former days. Previously a dark three-bedroom home located in a building that dates back to 1877, the new edition is a spacious two-bedroom residence featuring the most beautiful of complimentary colourways. Optimised with minimalist-functions and concepts such as 'less is more', this space-saving home is now both airy and super design-conscious. Via the removal of all the home's internal partition walls, the long and narrow apartment now boasts internal areas which are a great contrast to what it once was. With bedrooms located at the home's rear and all social areas found at its front facing out onto the street which the home addresses, the zonal spacing is something which really makes the home efficient and impressive.

As architect Claudia Raurell of CRU explains, the contrast and juxtaposition of all the visible natural materials attempt to break up the home's volumes to give the home spatial legibility. As discussed with Dezeen, "These warm accents help to break up space into specific areas. We covered a piece of a wall with the tiles that were left over from the flooring, but they were pasted on the wall showing their back, creating a powerful vertical terracotta texture on a white wall."

Interestingly, each tile has been added into the home upside-down to give further quirk to the visible textures. Offering an exposed ribbed texture, there is certainly some romance to such an intervention. With the same colourway and materiality continued throughout the home into the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms, SATORI & SCOUT certainly loves the harmony on show which this home possesses, an inspiration for all our studio team's own homes. Minimal but colourful, what a fantastic design. Discover more about the architects online at: Cru.cat/es

Photography credit : CRU

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