The Family Scenario Home

A regular home of irregular specialities, The Scenario Home was the Architect's chance to be their own clients. A rare opportunity for the company to completely renovate, extend and adapt a property without any client communication, The Scenario Home was a chance for the designers to "...practice what we preach to its fullest expression", as Scenario Architecture explain.

With such in mind, SATORI & SCOUT reckon it is really quite interesting to explore what designers see as their perfect project', which ultimately is one where they are their own client, a project that has the opportunity to develop in the exact way the designers would like. With a challenge of trying to find a way of connecting the front part of the house, "...which originally had two separate Victorian rooms with the basement level, a full floor height below, both physically and visually, in order to create a sense of single and connected open living and kitchen spaces", as Scenario Architecture explains, it is such constraint that has given this home it's wonderful design. Offering a split-level open double reception, which is in turn connected to the kitchen and garden floor by an angled glazed roof and a library feature that 'floats' to lead you up to the bedroom floors, all of the split-levels are a really interesting interplay.

With a conscious effort made to use every available space the property had to offer, the designers wished to utilise spaces under the stairs (no, not any Harry Potter association), in the roof's eves, in hallways and in limited height areas; there is even a fun and practical kids climbing wall area to navigate up to a 'secret space' within the eves of the roof.

As family orientated as minimally designed as wonderfully briefed, SATORI & SCOUT reckon this home in London (UK) is simply fantastic, and should be true inspiration behind any of your own home's developments. Discover more about the designers at

Photography credit : Scenario Architecture

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