Miniature Workshop Becomes Modest Home

Officially in love. Strong words for such a small space, but the transformation of this former upholsterer's workshop in East London (UK) is superb. One that is honest to it's roots, not wishing to be over-designed and too much of an intervention in the street-scape, the abandoned Victorian workshop spans just 12 metres x 3.7 metres. Following years of disrepair and ultimately, abandonment, the plot has been recently given a new life by way of becoming the star studded (understated) showpiece of the area.

Renovated by Kirkwood McCarthy into a small one-bedroom residence, the space is open plan horizontally as well as in vertical nature between it's floors. With a new basement dug out and via the raising of the roof to allow the home to facilitate three stories, the home's modest footprint enables the transition of public to private to be simple, welcoming and put simply, wonderful.

SATORI & SCOUT's favourite feature is the beautifully original bricks that feature on the stairwells remaining to be exposed to display the history of the building, whilst the stairs produce this wonderful silhouette line on the reverse of it's walls to give a sense of designer flair. Cosy and complete with a rear courtyard that allows light into the residence and the lower levels, the split level home is really quite modest but easy on the eye. To the street, the buildings' presence is subtle and controlled, yet from within the property is a voluminous experience with it's inter-related floorplates and long view lines that enhance the perception of space, scale and outlook.

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Photography credit : Kirkwood Mccarthy


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