The Colour Factory Arrives In New York

If you'e an avid Instagram user, you will possibly be a follower of The Colour Factory, a 'gram sensation that began life as a collaborative interactive exhibit in San Francisco (USA) in August 2017, but has grown to become unexpectedly flourishing celebration of all things colourful and creative. Now positioned in New York City's Hudson Square neighborhood, a 20,000 sq ft space has been overturned to feature colourful participatory installations that are inspired by things around the city; hues that invite curiosity, discovery and play. Teaming up with some fantastic artists, creatives, designers and makers, The Colour Factory engages all of your senses in unexpected ways and SATORI & SCOUT fully recommend the experience if you're in the area.

A myriad of various installations, a giant blue ball pit is but one creative space that will look perfect on anyone's Instagram. Yes, quite, spaces are in fact now being created for the sole purpose of taking a good social media photo, and whether your mission is for collecting as many likes on your profile as possible or simply filling the 'gram with all your happiness and joy, you are sure to not be disappointed here.

Unknowing as to how long the installation will remain in New York, Colour Factory explains, "A talented roster of collaborators will tell their unique colour stories and engage the senses in unexpected ways." With every visitor given a QR code in which they can scan along a journey inside, not even your trusty smartphone is required with substitute cameras carefully positioned along the way to snap you in the most 'natural' of poses. Emailed to the registered address associated with the QR code immediately, you will soon collect all your 'natural' memories.

Filled with ribbons, fabrics, poetry, text, stripes, dots, balloons and balls (the list is endless), there is even a musical twist to some installations. Also offering an extended journey of artworks beyond those inside the building, every visitor is given a map of Manhatten upon their exit on which are listed all sorts of other art pieces to explore. Whether you think that 'the perfect Instagram shot' is one that is manufactured to look natural or is infact(!) natural, one thing SATORI & SCOUT are sure about is you having fun amidst all the colour. Located at 251 Spring Street, NYC, go and enjoy! p.s. at which point does this all become unoriginal to the point that actually having a photo inside The Colour Factory isn't original at all? We're just saying... Discover more about the experience online at:

Photography credit : Color Factory

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