Inside The Narrow Saint George House

Can a home feel even more spacious than it's boundaries and size allows through innovative design? Designed by Vancouver (Canada) based Falken Reynolds Interiors, this exceedingly narrow plot might not even deserve a home with such smartly-designed angles and spaces to allow the family house to feel so adequately well-sized on the interior.

Innovative by design to create a home with space and serenity rather than one that is knowingly narrow and compact, the The Saint George House's plot measures just 6 metres wide x 60 metres long. As Chad Falkenberg, principal of Falken Reynolds explains, "The unique site of the 2,200 square foot (204 square metres) Saint George Street house inspired us to get creative with our design process and visually create more space. For example, natural light was a big focus so we strategically placed 11 skylights to wash walls with natural light and draw the eye into the room, amplifying spaciousness using the technique of Atmospheric Perspective."

Boasting a strong minimal exterior that is accentuated by the facade's standing-seam metal cladding, midway through the house a beautiful courtyard brings light to its centre. Each of the interior's corridors maximise functionality with concealed storage, for example the umbrella and clothes rack as shown. To ensure the home is fully equipped for a modern and active family, the kitchen is fitted with a large island, the entry hall has concealed mudroom storage, and a kids' zone is featured that is acoustically removed from the main living areas. Inside and out, the fresh palette of white and Nordic toned woods keeps the spaces feeling open and fresh, two qualities that you might not associate as being achievable with such a narrow home. Thinking outside of the box to create such a space, SATORI & SCOUT's favourite feature are the massive sliding glass doors which gives the feeling that the interior spills out into the exterior, particularly with it's overhanging floor above. Making the most of every space possible, even the garden looks effortless by design. Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : Ema Peter of V2com

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