Narrow Windows For Undersized Apartment

We are in no doubt that many of our readers live in a townhouse that is that little bit too small to call ideal, but fear not, a solution exists (if you are willing for renovation works, of course). Drawing inspiration from this lovely townhouse solution located in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), SATORI & SCOUT particularly appreciates its solution's simplicity. A compact plot, even for Vietnam, this townhouse is punctuated on all its floors by narrow windows that combined, allow all the natural light you would need to enter yet still provide decent privacy. The simplicity in the window's proportions makes each room feel wider than they are, too. Designed by Khuan Studio, 18 House is home to a young couple and their daughter on a plot just 18 square metres in size. As Khuan Studio describes, "...we approached the design with a goal to strike a balance between utilising the space to its fullest and interpreting the creative freedom we had been given."

Occupying roughly half the facade, each of the windows are individually operable to enable decent ventilation. Khuan Studio continues, "...the exterior design was developed based on the notion of porosity. These openings help maintain the privacy level whilst at the same time keep the interior space exposed to daylight." Porosity certainly helps the interior-exterior environment, one that SATORI & SCOUT really enjoys. Locating the stairs to one side to prevent circulation from unnecessarily being lost, such a movement feature also houses bathrooms and storage.

Light and airy inside, the home also features a fully openable street entrance, in true Vietnamese fashion. Have you ever considered having your garage inside your kitchen? We didn't think so. With living spaces spread over many levels, it is the windows and the home's internal materiality that connects each space fluidly. Complete with a rooftop balcony and seating area, this home nicely complements the Vietnamese lifestyle with good (and modest) architectural features. No issue can ever not be overcome when it comes to home design, and this home illustrates how such a small change in a window's normal proportions can make such a difference. Discover more about the architect online at: Khuan Studio

Photography credit : Hiroyuki Oki and Thiet Vu
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