Ski Cabin Lifestyle Within The Norwegian Snow

There are few things in life that can be as pure and calm than to see miles upon miles of snow as it gracefully blankets fields upon fields. Situated deep into the forest of an alpine landscape close to Lillehammer (Norway), Cabin Vindheim is a home that has been inspired by the classic motif of snowbound cabins and there surely aren't many places of residence so wonderfully honest to their design. With snowbound cabins traditionally having an aesthetic of their roofs protruding through the snow, Cabin Vindheim captures this essence but has modern day living provisions, and SATORI & SCOUT are in awe.

When snow covers the cabin structure, the division between architecture and nature becomes blurred, and as such, the roof becomes a man-made slope for ski jumping, toboggan runs and other snow-based activities. Appearing to be full submerged beneath the snow, the cabin has actually been designed to sit fully above the ground and despite its compact floor plan (just 55 square metres), the cabin is really quite spatially rich and generous due to its natural sloping roof and the various uplifts in it's roof line. Featuring a large living room, bedroom, ski preparation room and a small annex with a utility room, the interior's materiality is light coloured and fully covered in waxed poplar veneer. In stark contrast, the cabin home is externally clad in black-stained pinewood and the choice of such a finish really helps the building blend in with the forest's trees yet provide a nice contrast with the brilliant white snow. The uninterrupted ceiling connects all of the rooms, and overall, the home is really quite beautiful.

As you'd expect there are various design aspects to take full advantage of the beautiful landscape that it finds itself in, and from the main bedroom and mezzanine you are able to gaze up upon the stars and enjoy the famous northern lights. Such entertainment is known to be quite the tourist attraction and has many scientists and travellers far and wide in complete awe, and what better than to have the luxury of viewing these while lying in bed. Of equal excitement, when resting in the cabin's bedroom, the oversized 4 metre long window creates the impression that you are sleeping above the treetops and underneath the stars, equally as satisfying.

Designed by Norweigian architecture studio Vardehaugen, the success of the building really does come from its dual purpose of also being a permanent man made ski slope, let alone considering the aforementioned luxury design perks. Discover more about this project at

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