A Birdsong For Your Relaxed Environment

Relaxation should be at the very heart of your aspirational lifestyle, no matter what goals or personal life you may have. If you are wanting to decrease your levels of stress or maintain your relaxed state of mind, absorbing yourself in an environment that can facilitate this is essential. A lamp and Bluetooth speaker, the JinGoo just might be the most serene and relaxing item we're to come across in a long time.

A brilliant combination or ambient light and speaker (with both a tweeter and woofer included), the JinGoo will help you create your calm environment, whether it be perhaps your bedside, in a private room or outside in the garden. The lamp's 2-way speakers are matched by a 3-way light brightness level control, and the materiality of the lamp bird is ceramic that is complemented with solid Chinese fir or Taiwan Acacia wood for the base and black oxidised steel for the metallic cage. Different patterns are available for the lamp bird, from L'oiseau Bleu, The Phoenix, The Lovebird, Feathered China or White Hwamei colourways; of different meanings, we are sure your bird will sing a joyous song for you regardless of the changing seasons.

Of simple design, the JinGoo is really neat and its compatibility with most devices via Bluetooth 4.0 ensures that the artistic product doesn't become little more than corner decoration. SATORI & SCOUT personally think the JinGoo would be best found in a treehouse for authenticity of a bird's habitat, but a night lamp beside the bed would be equally as lovely. Its design is more than unconventional and your relaxation levels are certain to have a boost each time you use your new lovely friend.

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Photography credit : Indiegogo.com

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