(Real) Bread Lights Of Pampshade

Earlier this year at Maison & Objet 2017, as well as scouting fast food-inspired seating, another foodstuff-inspired design that we wish to share is that of Japanese artist Yukiko Morita. Named 'Pampshade', the designs feature a charismatic and unique lighting idea; lights in bread of course. Previously a baker, Morita's love for the food type and contemporary design have led to this fantastically weird idea.

With the bread consisting of flour, salt, yeast, LED lights and batteries (yes that is correct, batteries are included in this bakery purchase), these lights are only the more stranger with resin applied to prevent bread decay. Grabbing attention at Tokyo Design Week, the collection has expanded to seven bread types, each perfect for creating that perfect meal-time dinner table talking point. Feeling hungry now? Time for breakfast. Discover more about the project and purchase online at: Pampshade.com 

Photography credit : Pampshade
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