Hanami Tables Of A Flowers Beauty

Though tables aren't the most inspiring of furniture types, SATORI & SCOUT have certainly scouted our fair share of aspirational lifestyle-themed tabletops. Introducing 'Hanami', these furniture items are both homely and splendid, perhaps ideal for any conservatory, living space or garden. Designed by Nimio, a design laboratory for the production of furniture and handmade objects for everyday use, this new series by the studio consists of several coffee tables reminiscent of flowers.

Translated from Japanese to mean the actual contemplation of a flower's beauty, Nimio's tables are all naturalesque, perhaps suitable for any plants, books, toys et al. With different finishes and different heights available, each artificial flower table is made of steel and hexagonal hydraulic mosaics. Pigmented cement tiles, each tiny mosaic piece is handmade one by one following a tradition that began in the XIX century. Colourful and multi-useful, how playful can you make your space? Discover more about the furniture design at: Nimio-Lab.es

Photography credit : Nimio-Lab
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