Re-imagining Everyday Humble Objects

Wanting to 're-imagine what we might otherwise consider commonplace', Sebastian Bergne is a celebrated industrial designer that has both a design studio and a store for his wonderful everyday creations. As we continually express and share via the SATORI & SCOUT network, the modern man and woman - of all guises - is not at the final stage in Darwin's evolutionary process, and we believe that the finer things in life bring enjoyment and self-expression. Of everyday objects, Bergne and his products will really help you discover new sides to your expression and self-nature, and enjoy the aspirational lifestyle.

Housed in a vibrant workshop studio in Battersea of London (UK), Bergne's products have achieved great things with aplomb over the past two decades. Once a student of the Royal College of Art (1990), Bergne began his career designing for himself rather than landing a client-based occupation, whereby a school project even featured in New York's Museum of Modern Art. Continuing on from such a fantastic start to his early career, many minimalist, highly functional and quirky products have been designed, manufactured and sent to lovely, aspirational homes; Bergne's workload has soared. From functional cooking apparatuses to playful home accessories that both include frying pans, corkscrews, kettles, tabletop items, lighting, book shelves, storage options and more, Bergne's studio has worked with many International clients that compose of Tefal, MUJI, Habitat, De Beers, Moulinex, Vitra, Swarovski and many more. As an Industrial designer to such international brands, Bergne's products can be found in restaurants, retailers and individuals' homes. Success in a field of everyday objects is certainly an achievement, and via our sampling we can certainly see why the products have become popular - Bergne's own Editions products are certainly worth a consideration (and purchase).

A well-grounded designer of humble appreciation, when asked which of the products was most successful, Bergne's response was that "...some people say it's the piece that sold the most, or perhaps it's the one that's gotten the most awards. Maybe, it's just the one that you're happiest with." Ensuring that what the designer does is done correctly, using as little material as possible and being as clever as the product justifies, the micro-engineering-like designing is something that really appeals and suits the aspirational lifestyle all-over.

Known for exploring relationships between people and objects, whilst many designers glorify the typical and transparent design process, when asked on such matters, Bergne wonderfully stipulated that "...every time, it's different. You can't prescribe process. That implies you could automate the process of creativity." A good answer given the studio team's versatility to work in many different ways, so let's explore a few of the products.

Of recent release, a stand out minimalist product is Bergne's Ring Soap that hangs on a wall-peg to ensure that the soap is always ready to use. Highly successful at remaining dry, be consumed more slowly than conventional soap and appearing as a graphic element on the wall, the glycerine soap is of the highest quality cleansing-material and certainly comes with our moisturisingly-good approval. With the amber (brown) soap offering a gentle perfume of light vanilla and spice notes, and the emerald (green) soap offering naturally mild, fresh and crisp notes, the cleansing benefits and minimalist design flair is really well accomplished in such an everyday object. Designed for German brand Authentics with the intention of designing a soap dish, Bergne flipped the problem and redesigned the soap; of natural design flair.

Similarly, Bergne's Cut & Serve cheese boards are wonderfully 'everyday', yet so creatively adapted. With cheese preparation and eating often prompting a conversation about the etiquette of how to cut your cheese correctly-sized and angled, such a simple design of a wooden block that has cutting lines provided ensures that everyone has their share of the best central part of the cheese, as well as the lesser tasty parts. Having observed that a discussion almost always proceeds the offering of cheese in a social environment, Bergne's Cut & Serve boards (of which 3 different shapes are available) are such a neat conversational addition.

Of equal playful flirtation, whilst alcohol-shot drinking ultimately leads to your head spinning the morning after, Bergne's shot glasses quite literally spin and do this for you. Via a gently conical base that gives Dizzy a tospy-turvey, rotatable effect and a lovely ping sound as each shot glass collide (safely), it was infact Bergne's own wedding that such a design was created for, and such a scenario so wonderfully echo's the designer's true inner self. Other everyday Editions products that are available include a candle holder, wall hook, stationary, wine glasses, cufflinks and as you might have expected, many more.

Widely recognised with international design awards, publication features of notable merit, attendances at trade exhibitions and inclusions in museum collections such as The Museum of Modern Art in New York (USA) and the Design Museum in London (UK), Bergne and his wealth of design experience certainly make him sought after as a curator and lecturer in such a field. Such commentaries come in the way of lecturing and contributing to design education at The Royal College of Art, ECAL, Central School of Art and Design, and the University of Venice, and certainly offers a vast amount of knowledge and experience to each.

Always wanting to design items that are understandable, used as intended and a break away from the commercial norm, Bergne's products definitely have a modest but attractive communication method. Making everyday objects special, it really can be said that Bergne's studio and his products that are available in his store are within an umbrella of 'goodness'. Discover more and purchase Bergne's Editions online at

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