Espresso Coffee Done Correctly By ROK

As massive fans of coffee and everything the 'good stuff' gives, and as massive enthusiasts for trying coffee sourced from around the world, SATORI & SCOUT are very pleased to have found the really neat Espresso Maker solutions by ROK. A manufacturer of high quality hand-machines, ROK puts you in control and gives you the ability to produce your own coffee without any electricity or expensive 'ready-made' pods. The well-known phrase of 'Just Add Water' could not be much more appropriate as ROK bids to become your new favourite kitchenware.

For those people and baristas truly serious about their coffee, we fully understand and advocate the desire to explore the world's coffee and branch out beyond high-street coffee beans (see our good friends at GUSTATORY for the best independent coffee roasters. Whether looking to become a connoisseur or just an enthusiastic coffee drinker, the ability to chose your own coffee beans and then have the ability to brew them on demand is just great. A very good looking bit of kit in itself, whether you're looking to impress or simply create your own perfect brew, we are confident ROK's coffee maker will be a fine addition to your kitchen, workplace or workshop.

With home brewing comes perfection, and with many variables combining to create the perfect espresso - from freshness and fineness of the grind to maintaining water temperature -, once mastered, you will be truly amazed and obsessed at the results you can achieve. Other variables that you might want to consider can include the greatness of your crema, the coarseness of the water, the pressure of the chamber, the list goes on, and its so fascinating. To achieve your drinkable coffee, the water enters the chamber and via the lift of yours arms, water enters the coffee and infuses the contents. After a wait of around 25 seconds, your coffee is ready to be pulled and soon after you will have your brew, it is that simple. Such an espresso maker comes equipped with a portafilter, milk frother, splitter tool, spoon, large storage tin and a 10 year guarantee. Ideal!

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