Plumen Lightbulb For Warm Intimacy

Lightbulbs, How mundane. How wrong. As showcased at the London Design Festival earlier this year, the patented Plumen '003' Lightbulb has been designed to be not of the ordinary, offering dual-function. With a downwards spotlight and a golden ambient glow, is this not the greatest lighting design ever?!

Perhaps an exaggeration - or maybe not -, the design's uniqueness and innovation is certainly awesome, and as shown in the gallery, the ambience that suchlike provides is certainly unconditionally relaxing. Having taken five years to make, the 003 lightbulb illuminates the room, as you might imagine and hope for, with the filament's gold casing also creating a beautiful near environment too. Perhaps ideal for working, reading, writing or eating, whereby bright light isn't always appreciated, all of this is experienced at the same time of having a wonderfully lit up surrounding area simultaneously.

As the Plumen designer commented, "...sustainable design often lacks sex appeal, LED bulbs being no exception. We decided that to attract customers to this new technology we needed to create an efficient light bulb that was also inspiring and beautiful in its own design not just the most beautiful energy-efficient bulb, but rather the most beautiful light bulb ever, period." Now available at Harrods and online, discover more at

Photography credit : Plumen

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