Mono Lamp Of An Iconic TV Era

So when you were growing up, or perhaps even in your middle ages, how many of you were intrigued by that red, green, blue and yellow , black and white testing mode that appeared on TV screens? As a child, designer Simon Forgacs certainly was, and for those that don't know, such colours appeared as these kind of colourful geometric shapes, or set of patterns, that reflected your TV set's calibration toward finding the best signal prior to being good enough quality to watch.

Without much meaning and context to most of it's observers, Forgacs was not alone with little understanding of what they represented, and all that was pictured was a mesmerising array of light patterns. You might be forgiven that if you were a fan of Star Trek, Back to the Future or Star Wars, that these were somehow related, but no.

Beyond such a memory, Forgacs reckons that the patterns became "...a symbol of a dominant era in TV history", as explained, and with such in mind, has gone about to design the Mono Lamp. Following a year of prototyping and finding the right balance between production quality, cost and scalability, the made in Italy lamp is finally available to support on Indiegogo. Available in two colourways of ash wood or aluminium for the base, the 30cm globe gives off ambiant lighting with both warm and cool tones depending on which TV set pattern was in your line of sight. Simple, but interesting. Discover more about the design and show your support on Indiegogo.

Photography credit : Bence Szemerey


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