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Discovering gems of products is always very exciting for us at SATORI & SCOUT, and we feel we may have just scouted the coolest lighting that we shall discover in a long while! Feltmark is a Los Angeles based studio who crafts lighting pieces that are statement yet subtle, with each expressing patience, usefulness and high craftsmanship.

The studio's brandname 'Feltmark' is a clever typographic combination of 'felt' and 'mark'; a human sensation given by an object or material when touched and a level or stage that is considered significant. With an emphasis on everyday objects and with the products as shown in our gallery, it is clear to see that Feltmark's current designs and any to be designed in the future shall always have their place in any contemporary home (or office / public space).

Two of Feltmark's products particularly stand out for us: The WALD Original plug lamp, and the WALD Hi-Lo plug lamp. The WALD is quintessentially a floor (or wall?) lamp stripped down to only its essential constituent parts. With the remainder of parts only considered, both of the WALD lights are a careful and wonderfully creative re-assemble of these, and are contemporary enough to fit into any environment, literally and aesthetically. With both designs incredibly light in weight, the light's are supported entirely by just a wall plug socket and don't require any base whatsoever. Neat, huh? SATORI & SCOUT loves them!

All of the light's frames are manufactured from precision bent oxidised aluminium (to keep weight down to a minimum), where the Original features a light holder made from either American Black Walnut or White Ash, and the newer Hi-Lo either Olive Drab, Dark Plum or Neutral anodised aluminium. With all materials domestically sourced, the metal and wood combinations of the Original complement each other very well, whilst the Hi-Lo's continuation of materials make these designs the definition of minimalism. Both designs feature switches on the light holders, and with inclusive dimmers, Feltmark's lights are as functional as they are sensual.

With both of the studio's designers' backgrounds in industrial design and bespoke manufacturing, and with previous careers at Apple, Herman Miller and Bernhardt Design, Feltmark are very well positioned to continue onwards and upward, and we eagerly anticipate their future designs...

All Feltmark's lighting items are available online at FeltMark.com

Photography Credit : FeltMark.com

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