Peek-a-Boo Cat Furniture, For Humans

Every time SATORI & SCOUT drops an animal related design idea, we are never sure how well they're received - furniture for cats and dogs is a curious thing, right? Our team reckon that most of the curiosities are angled towards the necessity of such furniture in which are often grand, and arguably much more grandeur than the cat or dog would ever expect.

Hoping to settle some nerves are Severus Lian and Hao-Wen Chang, the two designers behind the new Peek-A-Book cat furniture range which is as much designed for humans as it is for our feline friends. Entirely designed to be a creative multi-tasking idea for both types of audience - do we call a cat an audience? - the furniture pieces can be enjoyed by all alike.

Manufactured from microsuede fabric, the clever furniture pieces feature triangular openings to allow natural ventilation into the internal space, good flexibility for the object and of course, add aesthetic value. Ideal for cat or human to relax, lean and play, lets hope that the cat doesn't get agitated by any snoring or diffused lighting situation with a human, quite literally, sleeping on top of him/herself.

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Photography credit : Peek-a-Boo

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