Deep In India: The Kumaon Hotel

Imagine waking up to this view in your morning, or having dinner with such panoramic views in sight? Located deep in India, such a view is mere pipedreams for many of us, but for the lucky few such a reality must really be quite something. Found upon a gorgeous mountainside, the hotel has a total of 10 bedrooms and each villa has it's own private view of the landscape beyond.

A world away from India's slums and city life which is so regularly documented, this peaceful retreat named The Kumaon Hotel was designed by Zowa Architects and is abundant with home inspiration ideas, beautiful objects and angles we can only wish for. Set within all of India's true heritage and culture, Almora's hidden gem is everything but like Delhi's chaos (India). A vacation supplied with personal (affordable) butlers and every other stress-free perk imaginable, enjoy your stay as the Himalayas provide the perfect backdrop to the place's nomadic x luxury lifestyle. Complete with a spa, library, lakes and forests, everything about the set of villas is truly authentic. Able to provide you with the experiences of trekking and mountain-climbing at the same time as wining and dining, such a juxtaposition of a day's activities is surely the perfect ideal?

Given that each of The Kumaon Hotel's places-to-stay are located separately and individually, such dispersion allows for all the perfect privacy, whether that be for you as a guest or for blending each building into the natural environment. Built with locally sourced pinewood and stone, and finished with local Almoran fabrics and other culturally-sensitive materials, everything is just the perfect harmony. SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love this unique place and maybe you might one day be a lucky visitor? Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : Akshay Sharma

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