Contemporary Barnsbury Square Home

Our keenest of readers will all know that SATORI & SCOUT do not particularly set about themselves to discover and share the most glamorous of houses, however, this number located in Islington, London (UK), is certainly uplifting and parallel to all things aspirational. Located in a quiet location, this newly completed building contains ten wonderfully uplifting loft apartments.

Designed by the architect Mark Dziewulski, 16 Barnsbury Square is a fantastically sensitive and uncompromisingly modern addition to the Conservation Area district. With each flat's accommodation arranged around a lushly planted communal courtyard, privacy is created via these nicely coloured glass louvres. Internally, the home has impressively high ceilings and features many floor-to-ceiling glazing to reinforce the sense of space and light. With an abundance of white walls, greenery spaces and complimentary open-spaces, this home is a good example of contemporary living and modern architectural design; the interior/exterior relationship very much appreciated here at the SATORI & SCOUT studio.

The architect Mark Dziewulski is multi award-winning with three Excellence in Design awards from the American Institute of Architects for 'Significant Works of Architecture'. With a variety of experience beyond residential, such is clear in how the building's overall form is created; each apartment seeks to be as open whilst equally private as possible. Discover more about the home online at:

Photography credit : The Modern House
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