Nomadism x Minimalism In Brazil

SATORI & SCOUT loves to live the life we promote, and this fresh apartment out of Sao Paulo (Brazil) is almost everything we could dream of. Forget lavish kitchen taps, accentuated corridors or oversized door frames, Apartamento Av. Paulista combines minimalism and nomadism in a way that we have seen particularly growing in popularity over the years. A modest apartment by all means, this Felipe Hess designed home is a continual through-flowing mixture of contrasting materiality and paired-back spatiality.

Offering a sophisticated execution in that very little decor exists upon the white backdrop of the rooms - and those that do are almost certain to be dark coloured in tone - the home's cleanness makes it oh'so homely (and that isn't usually the case!) A fine collection of collected art and furniture, the contrasts continue with 'new and old', whereby the art pieces become even more interesting in their own individual focal-point settings. With the living room the biggest space by some way, the open-plan home allows for this project to particularly come to life, and it is only upon discovering the continued decor theme throughout all rooms that you feel this home is absolutely this homeowner's dream. Less is more, entirely.

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Photography credit : Ruy Teixeira
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