Modular Shipping Container Home

The housing crisis. Let's not start, but let's detail a means to it's end. Whilst many young adults - and old - know all about the fact that getting on the property ladder is no easy task in today's climate, it is predicted that such crisis will still be occurring for years to come. Such a crisis is felt in many countries across the world, and with a focus on the British market, there have been many governmental plans to attempt to set this right. With no real light at the end of the tunnel in terms of better provisions for affordable housing, perhaps the HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Homes - fresh from United States - are worth a strong consideration.

As you might imagine, the homes are manufactured from redundant shipping containers, and the HONOMOBO HO4 Shipping Container Home boasts a really generous amount of space that can easily be personalised to your taste. Modular in design, the HO4 shipping containers consist of four forty-foot long containers that are joined together, with the combined floor area resulting in a 2 bed / 2 bath offering.

Featuring a large living room, dining room, and full kitchen finished out with twenty nine feet of floor to ceiling glass, the four shipping containers are connected together to create one single space that is beautiful and spacious, all in all 1216 sq. ft. Such a floor space is really quite efficient in home-design, and to complement such good design, included as standard is a highly efficient air source heat pump for heating, cooling, and hot water. Solar Photo-voltaic ready to ensure that your living bills are reduced to negligible, are you ready to take the plunge to full net positive?

Costing just $180,000, the agile floor space is both affordable and flexible. When you think of the home's floor to ceiling glass offering with full consideration, those views are potentially mouth watering - assuming you live in the countryside as opposed to the station docks down by the harbour, of course! Discover more about this design online at:

Photography credit : Honomobo

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