Modular iPot For Plants, Books and Fish

As some people's flats and houses get smaller and more modest due to the recent year's construction industry and it's housing provision, as well more and more expensive city costs, many people are looking for space saving solutions. A customisable shelving system that allows for the growing and displaying of plants as much as be storage for all your favourite books and wares, the iPot is specifically aimed at people that live in condensed accommodation.

Designed by Italian design studio Supercake, the iPot features aluminium rods that interlock together and each spatial unit can store their own little bit of nature, whether that be a single plant or an entire unit of greenery. Available to be purchased as modules, the design is yours to create. As Laura Imbriani from Supercake explains, "...Today we live, more and more, in small multifunctional places where needs are different and very subjective. We move easily from one place to another, changing our life context for various reasons." An ideal solution for transportation and reassembly, the "...iPot is designed to allow a contemporary way of life, in a smart, simple and green way. It can be made and remade..." Imbriani continued.

Featuring flexible bags to house the greenery, these are simply threaded onto the framework during your personalised construction stage, and wooden shelves can be slotted into place to create a bookshelf. Over time, rods can be rearranged, bags relocated and shelves removed to allow the growing plants to continue upwards unhindered. In any combination, your modular shelving can be expanded outwards as much as it can upwards, and if you're feeling a little uninspired as to what combination you'd like to achieve or provide in your space, you can see iPot's modular shelving photo gallery.

To complete the innovative design, fish tanks and boxes can also be integrated into the piece of furniture; SATORI & SCOUT can't help but think that this solution would be ideal to work alongside a hydroponic kit by Ikea, as featured earlier in 2016.

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Photography credit : Supercake

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