Fun Everyday Designs By Areaware

Thoughtful and well designed products certainly go a long way to improving one's personal expression, whereby people's homes are often adorned with their favourite items collected over time. Recently featuring the quirky designs of SUCK UK, Areaware is a similar design studio that offers functional and unusual everyday objects. Wanting to inspire an emotional response of good humour, Areaware's everyday objects certainly exhibit a certain poetic character.

A forum of young talent that together have a voice for American design, Areaware believes than a unified appreciation of beauty is one of the main aspects to everyday life, and such can be embodied in even the simplest of things. Amongst Areaware's vast collections, three stand out products for SATORI & SCOUT are their circular hip flasks, plant pedestals and mirror masks. None of which particularly related, SATORI & SCOUT reckon any home with these simple additions would look instantly that little bit cooler and personal.

The ceramic Circular Hip Flasks were inspired by the intriguing shape of Pennsylvanian hip flasks of the 19th century, and manufactured from porcelain, can hold a shot worth of liquor. With a central donut hole through the product, you could perhaps carry your alcohol provisions on your wrist or belt. Available in matte turquoise, matte white and chrome, which is your liquor's new best friend?

Of equally high design, Areaware's family of Mirror Masks are simple and functional, but humorous with expressions of yes, no, or maybe. Manufactured from layers of painted and silvered glass, the thick and weighty mirrors are both a subtle addition to any room, but bold choices of personal expression.

SATORI & SCOUT's final favourite design is Areaware's Plant Pedestals that are made from beech wood and fit together via seemless lap joinery. With such simple connections, these plant pedestals are the ideal way to showcase arrangements that are both high and low, and are suitable for perhaps plants, candles, flowers, seashells or any of your humble wares. Discover Areaware's vast collection online at

Photography credit : Areaware

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