A Matter Of Motion Of Stools

An experiment of the relationship between materials, motion and shape, a 'Matter of Motion' began life as a furniture design project at an Israeli Technological University. With it being a taught project, there were guidelines in place to conform to University teaching and specifically there were two that influenced the stool's apparently random aesthetic - firstly, the aesthetic represents the idea of freezing in the moment and being in control; secondly, the stools are to be designed to be a 'one-man production line' - when made commercially. Inspiring many repetitive attempts at finding the perfect solution, Maor Aharon (the designer) set two perfect design guidelines that proved to give an equally weighted balance between engineering and design.

Such creative inputs and ideas inspired and led to the development of new casting techniques for many various materials, with such casting techniques depending on the concept of centrifugal force (the desire of an object to be attracted to a central point), and to the building of original tooling and machinery for a wholly independent production line. With polymer resin stools being Aharon's first products manufactured via this creative method, the successful series highlight the capabilities of the casting technique. As a result, Aharon was able to combine different materials during the casting, express multiple colours in a single object, and also combine hard and soft materials together without any issues.

Focussing solely on the stools in question, Aharon's final furniture designs have these super cool visual layers that are intrinsically embedded aesthetically and functionally within the stool's structure. By pouring coloured polymer resin into a bespoke spinning mould, Aharon was able to easily create a seat via the resin's natural urge to spread. Due to the natural nature of the process, each stool's final aesthetic is highly unique, whereby a single mould can make any number of stools of varying pattern. To add extra aspects of quality to the stool's designs, Aharon also finished some with metallic or wooden legs, further varying the stool's uniqueness. A very innovative design project indeed, and SATORI & SCOUT are confident these will be patented and commercially available very soon.

To be in commercial production sometime in the near future, keep up to date online at MaorAharon.com.

Photography credit : MaorAharon.com

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