A (Kalamalka) Home Of Formal Meets Casual

Building a modern home on a site with historic roots is always a slight conundrum, and this project was certainly no different. Set amongst one of Canada's most beautiful lakes - known locally as the Lake of a Thousand Colours - such a home as it stands today is a modern conversion from an original structure that was essentially orientated in direct opposition to all the natural light and any available views to the lake. With opinions divided in whether to tear the home down or not, the architects worked with the clients to realise a home that became the best of every world, keeping the old, and recreating a new.

Found in Okanagan Valley (Canada), such a design is a collaboration between BLDG Workshop and interior designer Adrianne Bailie, and the result is something really quite special. Designed and recreated in a sustainable and cost-effective manner in order to preserve as much as the original building and it's surrounding landscape as possible, SATORI & SCOUT are really enjoying the final result.

Boasting all sorts of beautiful views of the lake beyond, a particular inside-outside relationship is immediately apparent. With large openings present as much as various smaller ones, the home's dark cladding on the exterior contrasts fantastically with the interior's white walls, and in summation, gives a dwelling that looks as though it has always been present on the site, as if naturally in-situ. Boasting various architectural methods in order to capture as much natural light as possible, from skylights, windows and openings, the home's white walls are of course complimented by such a vast amount of outside-coming-in; as much so, the exterior's cladding is a particular homage to the site's mid-century roots, sitting perfectly amongst all the neighbouring landscapes, near and far.

An oversized staircase dominates the inside as many rooms interconnect via an open plan layout. SATORI & SCOUT have had to think hard about which feature of the home is our studio's overring favourite, but the layabout outside seating area is probably that which pips our thoughts. Discover more about the architects online at: BLDGworkshop.ca

Photography credit : BLDG Workshop

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