Annual IceHotel Becomes Permanent

Offering a fantastic array of differently designed themed suites, a frozen art gallery and even including an ice staircase as a statement feature, the world's first permanently iced hotel has been unveiled, in Sweden. Named Icehotel - who'd have thought - the accommodation has permanent lodgings and has SATORI & SCOUT highly intrigued.

The Icehotel 365 can be found on the banks of the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi (Sweden), and unlike it's neighbour that is also an iced-over hotel but only semi-permanent due to requiring to be annually rebuilt, sees itself with interiors any designer would be proud of.

Designed by over 40 artists, designers and architects, each suite is individually designed. For example, Norwegian-Italian Luca Roncoroni has created a suite that has been inspired by the Victorian era, whilst Swedish duo Tjasa Gusfors' and Patrick Dallard's creation has been inspired by dancing; British architects Alex Haw and Aditya Bhatt, both of Atmos Studio, were selected and designed a "Dreamscape" room that even includes a fantastic ice staircase that leads up to a frozen bed.

As founder Yngve Bergqvist explains, "...the nature and environment surrounding the buildings are not only a huge source of inspiration for the Icehotel 365 but are also necessary to create the hotel year on year. Previously we said goodbye to our guests in the spring, but thanks to help from the midnight sun we can now can invite them to stay year-round".

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