Inflate Any Swimming Pool To The Next Level

With the sun at its peak, daylight hours at their longest and temperatures at their highest, all many of us would dream about is being at a swimming pool in a luscious location. Whether the location be on holiday in Australia, in your holiday apartment in Spain, in your British back garden or in the local members gym and pool centre, it will go without saying that you'd much rather be spending many hours there than at your computer desk at work.

Swimming pools are already a very fun place to be, and we are sure many of you have many great memories of family and friend time within such bodies of water at some point in your recent life, but what if there was something that could take everything to a new level? Of double functionality, the Modul'Air by designers Pigro Felice is a modular inflatable outdoor piece of furniture that also doubles as swimming pool floats. Allowing their users to create their own custom inflatable pool float, connect multiple units together to create an island of floats, or even have a two-in-one piece that is perhaps ordinarily an armchair or sofa, Modul'Air floats are seriously cool. With endless amounts of options and many colours to choose from, SATORI & SCOUT are absolutely confident that you will absolutely love these luxury goods.

The designers 'Pigro Felice' means 'lazy' and 'happy' in a literal Anglo-Italian translation, and both words describe the lifestyle that you'd have should you find yourself on these inflatable float pieces. Such playful pieces will bring about the best of any pool lifestyle. Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that is both phthalate-free and non-carcinogenic, each inflatable piece has a materiality that is highly safe for the bare skin and for children. The PVC has also been specifically finished to be slip-resistant yet highly smooth, and has extra surface thickness to be resistant against land-based tears, rips or other earthy textures.

With designs that have been creatively engineered, each piece has equal high-quality, safety and durability, and look super stylish too! Will you find yourself resting or socialising with friends against one of the pieces' backrests or pillows, or perhaps outstretched in a double lounger? Built your own platform.

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