Catalonia's Glass Walled Calders House

Amidst Catalonia's (Spain) beautiful landscape sits the new Calders House, a house designed entirely to maximise outward views in all directions. Designed by architects Joan Ramon Pascuets and Monica Mosset of Narch, the private home sits near to the Sant Llorenc del Munt i l'Obac natural park. Imagined in a way to maximise it's homeowner's interior / exterior relationship, the home's naturally sloping site enables the residents' garage and studio to be situated on its upper floors, resulting in the accommodation of the more common social areas on its lower floors. Upon realising this commonsensical functional separation, the garden is then allowed to flow freely into the home.

As Pascuets explains, "...we wanted to create a continuity between the natural setting and the house", and thereby the lower transitionary area is entirely flexible to both internal and external functions. Allowing the soft breeze and natural weather in, and outward uninterpreted views out, SATORI & SCOUT certainly think that this space is refreshing. Via the careful use of glass doors throughout the home, an overall illusion of a building with no external walls is realised, further maximising natural lighting and those all-important outward views. Discover more about the architect and home at:

Photography credit : Narch
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