Grassy Armchair Of Terra Origin

The grass is always greener on the other side? Some people's gardens are awash with lavish landscapes and others very much not so, and the world of landscape architecture is really quite diverse with over 50,000 plants, trees and organisms commercially available to purchase. Originally released at Salone Satellite in 2000, the landscape project 'TERRA!' was available worldwide until production stopped due to deliverability. The project has been reformed with a refined design, but the core principle remains the same, you can grow your very own grass armchair within your garden!

Designed by Studio Nucleo, you really can connect with landscape and create your own meaningful intervention beneath the surface (pun intended). Arriving to the consumer as an unfinished flat-pack product, the project enables people to connect literally and metaphorically with nature, and long may the enjoyment of the furniture last far beyond the construction process. Evolving by the simple process of creating your flat pack chair frame, embedding it within the soil, filling the compartments with soil, adding grass seeds and watching your chair grow, this chair by Studio Nucleo is really quite unique. SATORI & SCOUT reckon any garden would look instantly more contemporary with one (or two) of these about.

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Photography credit : Nucleo

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