DIY Instant Tea Light Holders

Good design comes in many forms, and simplicity is often one. Not often would you put the words 'steel' and 'flexible in your hands' in the same sentence, but this folding tea light holder by designer Softpaper is based around such. Perhaps ideal for temporary storage, travel or ease of gifting, the folding tea light holder is certainly on SATORI & SCOUT's wishlist.

Made from a thin layer of flexible steel, the Do-It-Yourself template allows any user to simply fold and construct what begins as a simple silhouette into a functional tea light holder, all being fully secure via a protruding tab. Easily assembled into its final conical shape, the tea light holder could be a really cool design quirk for your kitchen table, lounge, balcony or anywhere else you see fit to instantly add a talking point. Manufactured and designed in Korea, it's Asian design flair is all there to be seen, and the tea light holder is available in three sizes to allow for variability - we perhaps recommend a display of three.

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