A Plethora Of Wing Shelving

The simplest things are the best of things, right? The rise in modularity over the years is, of course, a fantastic thing, but if you're not tempted by those awesome brands that offer their modular invention/solution at a premium (it could be argued), then perhaps this Wing Shelving System ought to be your new go-to. Whether you're out of space or in need of a better shelving solution, this highly adaptable - and very simple - design can even allow you to grow it's size as your needs develop and increase.

Designed by Estudio Parrado, the Wing Shelving System is that simple that the smallest of spaces or the blankest of large walls could both be made smarter with this modern shelving composition. Manufactured from simple CNC cut planks of pine wood that are complete with an entire grid of holes and accompanied with corner-triangular pieces, there really isn't much more to it. The real beauty of the collection, however, is how the corner-triangles can be faced frontwards to become storage barriers - or decoration -, or backwards to become the shelf's wall attachment.

When all positioned together and using a mix of front and back facing triangle-pieces, the entire assembly looks far more complex than it really is. A neat, simple idea SATORI & SCOUT say. Discover more about the designer at: EstudioParrado.com 

Photography credit : Estudio Parrado
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