Avava Small Home Of Britespace

Micro dwellings are very much a new archetype making big noise. With previous designs featured by SATORI & SCOUT including floating homes on the water, or a wonderfully arranged shipping container home, this latest design by Avava Systems of San Francisco (USA) offers components that are flat packed in boxes and arrive to each home owner with only easy assembly and luxurious living to follow.

Britespace is a home that is available in three sizes, and the names of such (Model 264, Model 352 and Model 480) reflect the square footage that each encompasses. Containing a living area, kitchen, bathroom and closet, the tiny homes really are small; for such premium luxuries you can expect to pay between £89,800 to £171,200 and the prices allow for the full range of permitting, flat-pack delivery, installation and all inclusive contractor services. Each Britespace dwelling consists of an engineered wood framing system and the cladding on each is interchangeable. With LED lighting, oak flooring and a greywater collection system / solar roof panels to complete the home's quality features, SATORI & SCOUT really like the look of the micro-home concept.

Described by Avava Systems as "...a completely new way to do prefabrication homes...Current prefabrication methods have moved standard construction practises into a controlled environment, which is indeed an improvement, however, moving and installing completed buildings is very difficult. Roads and cities were simply not designed for items this large." Whilst SATORI & SCOUT agree that such an obstacle of transportation is the very weakness of prefabrication, it is by this merit that lends the concept of prefabrication to an overall better quality of home given the controlled environments in which components are made; though maybe Avava Systems really is a unique ' best of both worlds' concept.

Transported in flat boxes, upon arrival of the Britespace the home owner can expect an assembly time of less than two months. Everything is Made In America (San Francisco to be precise) and as an example, "...the most recent project was a Model 264 and was packaged and brought to the client's property as just 64 flat-packed components, and assembled from start to finish in six weeks," as Avava Systems explains. If each Britespace is quick to assemble, does that mean they're quick to dissemble, and therefore is this concept a flexible housing solution that can adapt to situations as cities change over time?

Discover ideas and be inspired to have your own micro-home at AvavaSystems.com

Photography credit : Avava Systems

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