Bottle Opening (Pushing) Boundaries

When mundane products excite you, you know you're leading a good life. Excited by simplicity, about functionalities and how things can improve your routine, good products boost your home's appearance and in turn improve your aspirational lifestyle. Having said that, ever thought a bottle cap opener can be remotely exciting in any way?

Designed by New York City (USA) based contemporary design studio Fort Standard, collaborators Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings are rooted entirely to simplicity, functionality and attention to detail. With a certain 'warm-contemporary' design flair, the duo are pioneering functional metal frameworks, and this beautiful (limited edition) tabletop-friendly bottle top opener really is unique and aesthetically pleasing. Gone away should be all cheap 1 pound bottle openers, this product design is super complex and was actually made from 3D printed steel because casting such a shape was impossible.

Named the Ico Bottle Opener and available in black oxidised steel, the duo are continuing to push the boundaries of metalwork with it's 20 sided icosahedron shape. By the very nature of the design, because the openings are triangular and there being 20 sides, 60 bottle openers are in fact featured in one single awesome design. Manufactured on demand with a serial number and Certificate of Authenticity, make sure the first beer you have after using this is a good one.

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Photography credit : Othr

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