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A play on words of artefact, 'an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest', Artifox's products are indeed quite interesting. Should you be sat there working away, thinking that your regular desk is cheap, low quality and plain-boring, perhaps you wish for an upgrade to your deskware and storage solutions. Artifox's two desk solutions are very neat, and along with a few other accessories to complement, these designers are well worth noting should you wish to extend your aspirational lifestyle into your workplace (or office at home).

Artisan purveyors of furniture, SATORI & SCOUT have noted their excellent designs for a while and with the brand's sole objective to refine your personal workspace to be sleek and utilitarian, several of their solutions will provide you with that really rewarding space that you so desire, especially for accomplishing day to day work. Understated aesthetics bring coolness, and there is no doubt that Artifox's prestige is closer to ice than the sun.

Designed with instinct and common sense in mind, the Artifox desk solutions will satisfy a lot of peoples' needs, and once explained of its features, you'll instantly recognise their ideas as the chosen desk for you. Suitable for whether you work in the creative industry, a regular office worker, or perhaps you simply have a love for minimalist design (and the aspirational lifestyle we promote), Artifox is definitely on our wishlist.

The Desk 01 and Standing Desk 01, our two favourites, have been modelled on the traditional writing desk, both adapted to provide you with productive efficiencies to make yourself be more energised and focussed while working. Offering drafting capabilities via a powder-coated surface upon which you can directly write on, docking opportunities via a sunk ridge that is crafted to suit any modern mobile phone or tablet, hanging options via two understated pins to provide storage for any baggage, coat, headphones or otherwise, and some lovely cable-control management facilities via a hidden (yet easily accessible) wire shelf and luxurious magnetic cable ties along the legs. The writing surface is complemented with a walnut chalk eraser, the walnut structure has adjustable feet to suit all your rickety floorboards' uneven surfaces (fantastic floor choice, we might add), all non-wooden parts are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium and lastly, this fantastic bit of kit is self-assembly which is beneficial for so many reasons. Purchasable in either solid walnut or maple hardwood, with either a black or white powder coated surface, in a left or right handed configuration (affects the positioning of the docking ridge), and with legs to suit either being used in a sitting or standing nature, whichever your choices, you shall never be here-forth disappointed with your desk space.

Other products Artifox offer include desk pegs and a bike rack, and hopefully lots more soon. Both minimalist storage solutions to organise your desktop or mode of transport, the pegs allow you a customisable desk arranger that is strong enough for any Encyclopaedia, whilst the rack provides you with a vertical frame upon which to display your most prized possession (perhaps). All very neat solutions, Artifox are indeed 'objects of [cultural] interest'.

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