Add Flair With Sculptural Outdoor Furniture

Uncompromising design is something that every designer should strive for and Swisspearl are a brand synonymous with style, diversity and quality. In operation ever since 1903, such a brand (hailing for Switzerland) collaborates with all sorts of European designers to create furniture perfect for indoors and out, hitting all the high notes of both aesthetic versus functional.

Introducing a comfortable atmosphere into any modern home and it's accompanying garden, and giving a proud sense of wellbeing to any home owner, these products on show are wonderfully sculptural and add that-something 'different' to any garden place. Manufactured from a fibrous cement that includes cement, powdered limestone, cellulose and synthetic fibers, these lightweight yet durable furniture sets are absolutely perfect for any condition: rain or shine, frost or overheated. Available in various pastel colourways and grey tones to give you that minimal, well-curated and high-quality aesthetic, mix and match each Swisspearl furniture piece so that your garden can really 'pop', or ooze curiosity.

The design of any private and public space is certainly an expression of individual values, and whether shrubs, summer flowers, small trees or furniture, SATORI & SCOUT reckon you can realise pretty much anything you want with just enough added creativity. Cut, pounded, smoothed and flattened, every Swisspearl planter and design piece is made by hand in Switzerland, and such a country really needn't be only known for their watchmaking skills; most other design aspects, equally covered. Discover more about the brand and designers online at:

Photography credit : Swisspearl

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