A Tropical Bathroom (Toilet Paper) Experience

We need not delve into bathroom activities to explain the context of such a cool product design. Joseph Gayetty is the inventor that is widely credited for being the first person that made toilet paper commercially available in 1897, initially available only in flat, expensive sheets. With no cylindrical rolls for easy storage and usage, and no product choice like today that offers budget, comfort, extra-comfort and extra-extra-comfort alternatives (like a bed of pure comfortness?), it is safe to say that toilet paper - yes we are saying this! - has come a long way in its time.

Designer Kazuaki Kawahara has his own playful take on toilet paper, and has added a new sheet layer to it. Wanting to improve the obvious non-excitement that surrounds a bathroom visit, luxurious bathing and heated showering aside, Kawahara has invented packaging design that turns such a household necessity into a comical tropical fruit. With inspiration from his homeland where Japanese stores are sometimes found gifting toilet roll to customers as a novelty gift or sign of appreciation, the cylindrical tropical fruits aim to add a smile and inject enjoyment in the most mundane of daily situations, and even create a talking a point for guests.

With the packaging fully protective of the roll inside, the wrapper is stuffed into the ends of the roll's center and allows the design to feature characteristic appearances that the fruit is so universally recognised by. Offering designs of a strawberry, watermelon, orange or kiwi, which troipical fruit would you choose [to taste?]

As Kawahara explains, "...I attempted to design that brings a smile to the face of anyone who sees it right away." SATORI & SCOUT reckon he's done just that, and much more... Available to purchase online at Latona-M.jp.

Photography credit : Latona-M.jp

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