True Japanese Matcha At OHH Cha Bar

Love tea? Love London? Love MUJI? Introducing in time for November's Christmas spending is MUJI's in-house resident matcha tea bar for a two-week special as Europe's first contemporary matcha bar, particualrly aiming to inject some Asian flair into England's tea-loving culture.

Located at MUJI's Tottenham Court Road store (UK), such a fantastic spot will be offering super-high quality original matcha that is sourced directly from Japan, entirely made and whisked to order. Giving it's visitors the opportunity to particularly experience and learn from the available matcha experts about all the many different varieties of matcha, the bar even has special edition recipes for the pop-up event. Named the OHH Cha Bar, the menu will include classic matcha blends to single cultivar selections as well as unusual loose leaf Japanese teas. Equally, alongside such a tea bar, the brand will also be hosting a series of workshops and tastings to be held daily, particularly exploring all of matcha's regional styles alongside local crafts and offering a taste of teas that have rarely been experienced outside of Japan. Complementing the entire experience with step-by-step tutorials on how to make real matcha on your own, such an insight will give visitors the confidence to enjoy whisked tea at home as part of a daily routine.

Allowing you a moment of calm in the West End of London, SATORI & SCOUT - our name originates from Japan if you hadn't noticed - are particularly excited for MUJI's customers to experience matcha specially hand-picked for the event, offering the highest freshness possible to taste. Creamy and of gentle bitterness, are you tempted to taste the true taste of Japan (of course you are)?

Open until 11th November, SATORI & SCOUT hope you enjoy the nutrition-rich green tea, and beyond that, continue to love MUJI's minimalist aesthetic that has grown so popular in the UK. With the bar's space designed similarly to MUJI's core values and branding, enjoy the tasty green liquid against a cool-grey, monochromatic backdrop. Discover more about the OHH Cha Bar popup online at:

Photography credit : OHH Cha Bar

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