The DirtyLemon (and Water) Detox

There perhaps isn't much more well-founded and well-known in any detox methodology guide as the 'drink lemon and water' technique. By common knowledge, the lemon alkalinises your internal parts, whilst water provides fluid to cleanse your system. DirtyLemon is an American brand that has taken this simple method to a new level, helping you detox without any encouragement for ditching meals, missing out on night-outs, or being strict against cheat days.

Aiming to help you 'stay real', DirtyLemon is a daily detox that should suit your life, and is a concoction that is made with pure, cold-pressed lemon juice, dandelion extract, ginger root extract, activated charcoal, filtered water and nothing more. From this ingredients list, the lemon juices cleanse your system (and alkalising it as per tradition), the activated charcoal absorbs a thousand times its own volume in toxins, whilst the ginger and dandelion root both aid your body's natural digestive process. With guidance from naturopaths and nutritionists, the formula on offer yields very good results. Not wishing to promote a lifestyle with any indulgences (we all have them for our own sanity's sake), DirtyLemon provides a drink that can simply help you along the way, almost putting other health products to shame.

If you're interested in detoxing without all the compromises or full-time cleansing, DirtyLemon is probably worth a try. With mail order delivery, the brand supplies six bottles per order where it is recommended these are drunk over the course of one week. As well as being quite a relaxed way to go about detoxing (or arguably the correct way?), each bottle only contains 10 calories, has zero added sugar and is completely vegan and gluten free. With simple ingredients, the brand states that nothing is ever heated nor pasteurised, so be safe in the knowledge that you're drinking the good stuff. At $65 for each week-long programme, this brand's method is quite appealing, even beyond the ingredients list!

Expanding into wider lifestyle products in 2016, the brand is soon to launch skin and hair focussed formulas, both rich in naturally sourced ingredients to further boost your wellness. With such a popular unsweetened, ready to use method that takes most of the issues out of detoxing, we'd recommend that you also keep an eye on these three latest products when they launch later in 2016.

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