France's First Proper Pastry Shop

Fou de Patisserie has been wonderfully grown by duo Julie Mathieu and Muriel Tallandier, with their most recent pursuit being the opening of their first physical store, an extension of their bimonthly French pastry magazine. Located on the pedestrianised rue Montorgueil of Paris, France, the store's concept is simply wonderful, and is a highlight of France's rich pastry offering. With pastries from all of the leading chefs across the city - undoubtedly utilising all its magazine contacts along the way - it is hard to think that this concept is essentially an industry first, and its great!

As Tallandier explains, "...chefs are used to having their pastries distributed in their own boutiques, at stands or, in some cases, delivered to restaurants, but none are distributed by a third party...getting them to lend their artistic image and give up control wasn't easy." Offering pastries from their six resident chefs Cyril Lignac, Christophe Adam of L'eclair de enie, Philippe Conticini, Hugues Pouget of Hugo & Victor, Jonathon Blot of Acide and Olivier Haustraete of Boulangerie Bo, and from a handful of guest chefs such as Jacques Genin and Gilles Marchal, you know that once you've been here once, you will forever come back for your daily fix! With fresh pastries, cakes, chocolates and candies on offer daily, Fou de Patisserie is a fantastic place to visit should you ever find yourself in the French capital.

The pastry store wishes to continue with its innovation and soon offer pop-up events that are super unique to Paris. With ideas in motion such as exhibiting Japanese chefs's pastry versions, you can be confident in knowing that Fou de Pâtisserie will always offer the latest and greatest in the world of pastry.

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