The Ethical Yumaki Toothbrush Upgrade

Yes, a Dentist will most certainly recommend that you brush your teeth and maintain good oral health, but lets face it, if a Dentist recommends one brand, gives away a second brand, uses another a third brand himself and only sells the first, fourth and fifth brand in his dental clinic, should it not be assumed that there are certainly various commercial interests at play?

Introducing Yumaki, a toothbrush brand designed by an Asian-based Swedish founder who once had a dream to reinvent the most personal everyday item - the humble toothbrush. With the intentions of making the toothbrush a stylishly designed product that reflected people's personalities as much as it provided oral hygiene, such a result was Yumaki, a range of efficient toothbrushes all free from unnecessities and false promises inspired by Asian perfection. As SATORI & SCOUT can confirm, such Yumaki toothbrushes are certainly beautiful, and in the knowledge of unethical commercialisation, are something that, as a user, we can stand proud to be using.

In opposition to most toothbrushes, a Yumaki toothbrush is a product you want to use, not have to use. What once began as a range of colourful designer toothbrushes, evolved into brand offering one-of-a-kind unique handles that no-one else in the world could have except for you, whilst simultaneously providing innovative, high-quality oral care products. Certainly inspired by the modern lifestyle, today Yumaki is sold in selected stores in over 23 countries around the world, and have been featured in many well-established magazines and publications and can be seen in the bathroom of the rich and famous. With a mission of creating unique high-quality oral care with style, SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love theirs.

Designing and producing products from all sorts of unique materials such as sugar cane plastic, bamboo and recycled plastic, Yumaki make sure that the oral (and product) quality matches that of the manufacturing process. Offering only unisex designs, each toothbrush's unique Scandinavian design makes them more hygienic than other toothbrushes, specifically due to the way that the bristles at the toothbrush's ending can never actually touch any surface, even if the toothbrush lays on its side. Innovation is what SATORI & SCOUT loves, and Yumaki have achieved that subtly and wonderfully.

SATORI & SCOUT cannot recommend Yumaki any higher whereby using their toothbrushes is actually very satisfying, particularly in the knowledge of their ethical pricing, non-touch anti-surface design and generally awesome colourways and quality. Equally so, give their active carbon a try, a unique type of Charcoal which is specifically designed and developed for medicinal use to trap impurities; very high quality.

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Photography credit : Yumaki

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