Natural Skincare For The Soul, Palm Of Feronia

In the ancient Roman religion, Feronia was a goddess whose qualities were associated with wildlife, health and abundance. It was therefore a fitting inspiration for Palm of Feronia, whose natural skincare and self-care products provide an abundance of health and lifestyle benefits whilst being conscientious, transparent and ethical in their approach to production, sourcing of products and the impact similar brands can have on the environment. 

Natural Skincare For The Soul Introducing Palm Of Feronia

After the last 24 months we’re all in need of some self-care and taking time out of our week to focus on ourselves, to look after ourselves has never been more important. In the world of skincare, cosmetics and aromatherapy this can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Palm of Feronia’s founder, Sophia Harding, has made the journey for emotional and spiritual well-being an easy one to navigate by producing guides and pairing ideas for her products. Whether you’re an expert looking to try something new, or if you’re going down this road for the first time, Sophia has you covered. 

Natural Skincare For The Soul Introducing Palm Of Feronia

The products, whether they be skincare oils, creams, or crystals are all sourced and manufactured using natural methods. Sophia has a real passion for organic, clean, earth-derived ingredients as is transparently stated on Palm Of Feronia's website. Whilst the aroma of such products is a big buying driver in the cosmetic space, for Palm of Feronia, the benefits and therapeutic effects are paramount. This effort to ensure maximum quality through sustainably, naturally occurring ingredients is something SATORI & SCOUT really appreciates and shows Sophia’s passion and commitment. 

Natural Skincare For The Soul Introducing Palm Of Feronia

Consideration is evident in every facet of the brand. Palm of Feronia work closely with suppliers to ensure their ingredients, crystals and all accessories are grown and harvested ethically whilst guaranteeing that it's supply chain workers are paid a fair wage wherever possible. This ethical approach extends to a number of initiatives Palm of Feronia support; mainly working with Ecologi to offset their carbon output by planting a tree for every order received. Working alongside Ecologi who seek out projects with gold standard certification to support, has ensured that Palm of Feronia are a carbon neutral brand, whose sales directly help to tackle the climate crisis. This isn’t just evident through their ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative, but also in their packaging, ensuring all materials are sustainable, plant-based and often are often made from recycled materials.

Palm of Feronia have also chosen to use glass bottles to reduce plastic waste, but due to technological limitations, not all components are recyclable. However, due to the transparent and collaborative nature of Palm of Feronia, every effort has been made on their website to reach out to those who can offer alternative practices to ensure they can find solutions.

Natural Skincare For The Soul Introducing Palm Of Feronia

If you’re looking for a skincare and aromatherapy brand that champions self-care in an ethical and thoughtful way then make sure you visit Palm of Feronia. Their product guides and their website curriculum offers resources that few brands in the same space offer - clarity and transparency in abundance with plenty of insights to help you make the perfect purchasing decision. 

Project / Brand: Palm Of Feronia

Photography: Palm Of Feronia

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