Friendly Bronze Zinc For Your Summer

We all absolutely love the sun and all the fun that such weather brings - we'd assume this was a given, at least - and yet despite all the warnings and advice, sun protection is still often overshadowed. Made from only friendly ingredients, Stuff By Fred is a new sunblock fresh out of Australia and as they humorously comment, do you "love the sun but not the sizzled schnoz?"

With a mixture that has been brewed using only friendly ingredients, it is quite refreshing to have a sunblock made from ingredients that are named a word that we can actually spell and pronounce. Available only in the midrange value of SPF 20+, Stuff By Fred has gained quite abit of traction in the organic and beach-sports worlds. "Don't go red, spread The Fred" is the brand's motto, and whilst us Brits might not be able to help but say such a quote in an Australian accent, their friendly bronze zinc stuff has really been proven to perform. Enabling you to embrace all of the sun's rays, be confident that you won't be applying a bunch of chemicals to your face / body, but instead some naturally sourced and environmentally friendly produce.

Born out of the founder's and friends' desire to stay out surfing while the sun is at its hottest, the team have played around with beeswax, cacao, coconut oil, zinc and more, and with all their scientific background it is little wonder that such a product has been overlooked by the global pharmaceutical companies. Offering a safe alternative to most creams on supermarket shelves, the final formula is made of zinc oxide, iron oxide, coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa butter and such a mixture has been TGA approved and certified. Doing 'exactly what it says on the tin', such an organic mixture by our friends down under also helps us reduce our carbon emissions (those traditionally created by the manufacture of artificial lotions). As could be expected, the brand markets itself quite humorously in addition to their scientific backgrounds, stating that "if this stuff can keep Fred's freckly face from looking like a ripe tomato, then it will keep pretty much anyone safe." With summer coming up, we recommend that you check Fred's Stuff out.

Aiming to launch very soon in the UK, you can purchase Fred's Stuff from Australia online at

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