The Adidas x Pharrell Solarhu Capsule

Isn't it crazy to think how much the world is interconnected, and how fashions, technology and everything in between is all influenced by one another in so many ways, so many times? When you think of Adidas you think of a categorically-Western fashion brand - right? - and when you think of African colours you of course think of red, green and oranges (and especially never a Westernised setting), and finally, when you imagine Chinese letting, your thoughts are about as Eastern as you can get. True?

An absolute wild concoction of all the above by inspiration, awesomeness and origin, the new Adidas x Pharell SOLARHU capsule collection is everything colourful and imaginative. Offering super-bold colourways across multiple clothing types such as jackets, pants, tees, bags, and most iconic, sneakers, you can now echo your inner-Africa-cum-China-cum-Germany in minty blue, forest green, deep black, royal blue hues and so many more.

Each offering Chinese lettering on the sneaker's tongue and African weaving techniques along their decorative collar, the sneaker's sole is a contrast colour to the sneaker's body. Rich in exuberance to echo the most colourful of African cultures, and well-finished in all its details, SATORI & SCOUT are particularly enjoying everything about the forest green / orange colourway in particular. Manufactured using Adidas' Primeknit technology, the traditional meets modern combination is another juxtaposition which works very well and in case you're curious as to what the emblazoned Chinese lettering means, they tell a story of 'Empower' and 'Inspire'; the international fusion of cultures kind of makes sense now, huh?

Available from 10th November from Adidas' online webshop and selected stores, we know you probably have your hearts set on a pair already. Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Adidas

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