Swatch x Tate Galleries Wristwatches

Swatch is a watchbrand we've admired for a long time, and coupling this with the news of a new Swatch x Tate galleries wristwatch collection, it's a match made in heaven for SATORI & SCOUT. In collaboration with the renowned Tate galleries, Swatch are celebrating a true journey through time, genre and self-expression. This collection is a selection of wearable masterpieces inspired by artists known for their boundary pushing, innovation and positive provocation. 

Swatch Tate Gallery Watches Collaboration

Swatch x Tate Galleries Watch Preview

Some of the artworks featured within this watch collection include:

  • Turner's Scarlet Sunset. Displaying Turner’s mastery of light and color, this watch features a calendar wheel that evolves with the sun, shifting hues gradually and animating the artist’s beautiful portrayal of a sunset.
  • Matisse's Snail. Matisse helped revolutionize the visual arts in the early 1900s, from painting to paper collage. This watch features his famous snail cut-outs across the dial and transparent strap in a spiral of vivid color.
  • Bourgois' Spirals. The spiral is a symbol that appears frequently in Bourgeois's work. Also adorning this watch, each curve resonates with the multiple meaning the artist has assigned to this intricate motif: trust, freedom and a vibrant surge of positive energy.
  • Leger's Two Women Holding Flowers. Léger was known for his avant-garde spirit which is mirrored in this colorful watch. The vivid strap and dial capture the essence of Cubism and the artist's exploration and celebration of shape.
  • Chagall's Blue Circus. In the vibrant colors of Chagall’s dream-like world, the whimsy of the circus comes alive. On the strap an acrobat balances on her trapeze in a moment of dream-like magic. A moon and an eye balanced on the watch hands bring her dynamic movement to life.
  • Miro's Women & The Bird In The Moonlight. Miró offers us a glimpse into his symbolic visual language, evoking joy at every glance. This watch artfully spreads this iconic image across the dial and strap, with indexes on the glass to add depth.
  • Barn-Graham's Orange & Red On Pink. The joy of colour of Barns-Graham's artwork is on full display in this colourful watch. The rich colours and free-flowing brushwork are accented by striking black indexes on the glass.

Swatch Tate Gallery Watches Collaboration

About Swatch Watches

In the vibrant landscape of watchmaking, Swatch stands as a beacon of innovation, creativity, and accessibility. Founded in 1983, Swatch emerged during a critical juncture in the industry, redefining the perception of timepieces and capturing the hearts of millions worldwide. The story of Swatch begins with a bold vision to reinvent the wristwatch. In the midst of the Quartz Crisis, a period marked by the dominance of electronic watches and the decline of traditional Swiss watchmaking, Swatch dared to challenge the status quo. The founders, Nicolas Hayek and Ernst Thomke, envisioned a timepiece that was not just a functional accessory but a symbol of self-expression, fashion, and lifestyle.

With this vision in mind, Swatch introduced its first collection in 1983, featuring colorful, lightweight, and affordable watches that defied conventional norms. The name "Swatch" itself is a portmanteau of 'Swiss' and 'Watch', reflecting the brand's Swiss heritage and its innovative approach to watch design. Swatch quickly captured the imagination of consumers around the world with its revolutionary blend of high-quality craftsmanship and playful aesthetics. Each Swatch watch was not merely a timekeeping device but a canvas for artistic expression, featuring bold patterns, vibrant colors, and eclectic designs that appealed to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Swatch Tate Gallery Watches Collaboration

Moreover, Swatch's commitment to accessibility made luxury watchmaking attainable for a broader audience. By streamlining production processes and leveraging economies of scale, Swatch was able to offer Swiss-made watches at prices that were previously unheard of, democratizing the world of horology. From introducing the world's thinnest plastic watch to incorporating cutting-edge materials and technologies, Swatch remains at the forefront of design and engineering excellence.

Moreover, beyond its iconic timepieces, Swatch has cultivated a rich cultural legacy. The brand's collaborations with renowned artists, designers, and cultural icons have further solidified its position as a global phenomenon. From Andy Warhol to Keith Haring, Swatch's partnerships have transformed wristwatches into wearable art, blurring the lines between fashion, design, and contemporary culture. This latest Swatch x Tate galleries collection is their next collaborative instalment.

Project / Brand: Swatch
Photography: Swatch

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