Picto Watches, So Iconic Its Ironic

Introducing Picto, SATORI & SCOUT's old-time favourite minimalist watch brand. Despite (literally) boasting a 'new way of showing the time', Picto have ironically been in operation since the 1980s, originally founded by two young hippies Steen and Erling.

In a time of history when everyone was busy talking about 'time is money', and 'every minute counts', these two creators went in the diametrically opposite direction, and at Picto, you are never a slave of time. Rather than ever dividing a day into minutes and seconds, Picto enables you to see time differently. Featuring nothing more than a dot and a line, Picto shows time in the most intriguing and minimalist of ways, and still as contemporary today as it was back in 1984, this Danish watch brand is really quite novel given the timestamp of the founder's inventions. Many minimalist brands have arrived in today's era - we won't name and shame, but there's plenty -, however very few could ever boast being founded some thirty plus years ago. Picto, an icon among watches, and a brand that SATORI & SCOUT absolutely admire.

With clean lines (and dots), you tell the time with a Picto watch by reading hours by the rotating dot, and minutes by the conventional hand. A small technical difference from a traditional watch that has created all the difference, you will become addicted... Discover more about the brand and purchase yours online at: PictoWatches.com

Photography credit : Picto

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