Go Fishing With Shore Projects

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes and fun environments of the British seaside, Shore Projects was launched by a group of friends who noticed one time that none of them actually wore watches with their outfits. With the friends' favourite attires all minimalist and simple, the friends' collective ambition was to create timeless timepieces that could be worn all the time, be it by the seaside on their travels, or at work as they go about their day.

As you will notice by the colourways on offer by Shore Projects, the nautical influence is all very apparent throughout. Each dial colour and case finish combination is given a specific British coastal town collection name, and available within each collection are multiple strap combinations, with genuine leather (dyed and natural), quality silicone plastic, wool (these are really quite neat!), canvas or metallic Milanese straps all available. There are no gimmicky aspects to any of the designs (we're thinking lighthouses, spades or sandcastles that are synonymous with British coastline activities), so each design is really great aesthetically.

Equal to the coast and all the treasures that that brings, the pieces are also inspired by the look of vintage-design explorer watches, with each designed to mirror age-old timepieces and adapted with modern twists - they are all fully equipped in both quality and style to stand out and perform within your modern, aspirational lifestyle.

Each Shore Projects watch is made with the widely-used stainless steel for their cases, and feature crystal sapphire glass that is typically a lot better against scratches than non-sapphire glass that's otherwise available. Shore Projects likewise stand by their coastal values as each watch is waterproofed to 100m, allowing you to swim in the sea without having to remove your new loved timepiece. The leather on the straps is of the finest quality sourced from Italy, and their woollen straps are really quite innovative, actually!

Continuing with their innovation flair, one of the most unique features of Shore Projects' watches is that each strap has this unique mechanism that makes it very easy for anyone to swap straps (should you have more than one) on a daily basis, enabling you to mix and match with your chosen outfit in just a few seconds. In line with their branded idea for watches that can be worn all the time, this mechanism means you can have lots of fun collecting any colour, style or pattern that you desire, and prevent you from getting bored wearing the same combination of dial and strap over and over again. SATORI & SCOUT loves that idea - the potential for customisation amongst a well-selected roster of available colours ensures that no matter which combination you chose, you should in theory always be adorned with something as fashionable as it is high-quality. The opinion of SATORI & SCOUT is that Shore Projects is really great for ladies and gents, boys and girls, offering really nicely-finished watches at actually quite attractive prices, so well worth a consideration...

All Shore Project's watches are available at selected stores and online at ShoreProjects.com.

Photography Credit : ShoreProjects.com

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